Harbat - the mason's guild

The guild of masons is not only a very powerful society in Harbat - rivalled only by the trade guild, but a very busy one as well. Harbat is constantly under construction: buildings to tear down, streets to rename, a TIGHT SCHEDULE to keep! Ironically, their guildhouse in the town centre isn't all that impressive, quite plain actually.

The masons mark their stones so no one else can put them together. They have lots of secret meetings in their guildhouse, involving rites and chantings and ale.

The head of the mason's guild, Oliver Mason, is renowned for organising long and tiresome strikes and imposing impossible taxes. He thinks of himself as a visionary; often tearing down entire streets to make room for the entrancing conceptions on his architectural plans. His work is never finished: every old house, every obscure street name, every busted drainpipe is a thorn in his eye. Oliver especially detests the facade.