Harbat - the market square

The great market square in the centre of the market is always full of people milling about; here the gentry from the upper town mingles with the louts from the brigands' hive, ladies discuss their new acquirements from the boutiques, small shanty streets lead up into the throbbing heart of the market: the cluster. The market square itself is a haphazard collection of colorful tents, performers, carriages and barrels, stalls selling carpets, pots and pans, wicker baskets, fireworks, and many other things as well, all overlooking the feast hall.

Juggling dwarves! The painted wagons of the circus! Stern-faced constables! Look out, a horse-and-carriage! Beware, pickpockets! Steer around the beggars! Watch the rabbit!

At night, a wonderful parade can be seen passing from the square.