Harbat - the market

The market is a maze of coiling alleyways around the central market square, filled with innhouses (like the Stool), curiosity shops and stands, and smells and music, and lanterns, and all around, performers, swindlers, beggars, quacks and jugglers looking to make a coin. If the town centre is Harbat's heart, then the market certainly are its bowels - whatever that may mean. One can truly find everything here.

The alleys around the square are organised in several bazaars - whole districts of merchants dealing more or less in the same trade, and all of them more often than not involved in obscure guilds that handle in extortion and bribery. Centrally there is the cluster, the most chaotic part of the market, where everything is for sale. You could easily lose your way here. Off to the harbour there is the brigands' hive - which isn't its official name, naturally. Here, business becomes more dangerous, and more expensive, and more lucrative. And off to the upper town you have the boutiques for all of Harbat's ladies.

Near Crickety the market has some quieter parts with tiny houses were people actually live (and can get some sleep away from the racket).

Scattered across the walls in the streets are notices printed on parchment or carved in stone, announcing circus performances , or invitations to the Stool. The town crier brays messages of (no) importance as well.