Harbat - the magistrate's vessel

The magistrate is an emmisary sent from beyond the high sea to check on the governor and his business. He sails a sleek and elegant ship. It is, however, poorly armoured and must depend on speed rather than force to overcome assailants.

The magistrate is a haughty man that enjoys women, fine wine and the occassional jaust. He is of delicate build and has a poised stance. But despite this tenderness, he isn't a push-over. He can stand his ground if needs be. He is a childhood friend of the swordmaster - although they haven't seen each other in years.

His right hand man is the ship's captain, also the magistrate's counciller, and bodyguard. He is a tall, slender man and masters the sword almost as good as the swordmaster. He is silent, but of great wit. And he has a subtle scar near his eye. The ship's crew furthermore consists of the boatswain, the magistrate's guard (four knights), ten boatsmen, and the navigator. The navigator is an excentric man only interested in stars, maps, points, mathematical calculations, wind and time. He is dying to pay a visit to the weather station.

"My dear old friend!" Monseigneur Le Patourel exclaimed as he embraced his dear old friend. "Ah, I trust your passage was a safe one? No trouble at the nest I hope? Excellent! Come, let us share a goblet!" Strange, he thought to himself as they walked through the collonades, I had imagined my friend being a head taller. But he spoke not of it, not wishing to make a lousy host. "And later on, I will supply you with all the necessary seals, papers and documents so your stay in Harbat is unhampered, by anyone! Ah oui, my friend!

The stranger wearing the magistrate's garments smiled to himself as he accepted the documents.