Harbat - the jig

If there is one store in Harbat that you would like to have with you when it all ends, and you have to start over, it's the Jig in the harbour. There are two people working in the Jig. A man named Angles, and another one named Ron.

Angles likes math. He loves to calculate. He thinks about correct angles and where to underpin buildings. He has a big filecabinet stuffed with ideas and plans for bridges, ships, tunnels, and so on. Presently, he's working on a design for a very small, but heavily armored ship. Sadly enough he has another filecabinet for completed projects, which is, as you might have guessed, empty. If it weren't for his good friend Ron, Angles would have been in the gutter, despite of his genius.

Ron is a different story. He joined as an apprentice with the mason's guild, but was kicked out because he asked too many annoying questions. It seems that he has an alternative for just about everything, and that got on the nerves of the pragmatic masons. Ron likes to figure things out. He doesn't like to invent and calculate but to make and fix.

The jig doesn't earn its living by constructing mad projects (although they would certainly like that), but by doing general maintenance, selling saws, hammers, poor quality rope, bolts, metal pipes, bolts, rivets, screwdrivers... Ron also takes on housecalls, to go and fix all kinds of stuff. When there is machinery involved he takes Angles with him.

The Jig has a small antechamber where Angles' muttering and grumbling father, Rupert, usually resides. It's the inventor's workshop.

old lady: so what DO I need?? The iron bolts or the wooden pegs??
Ron: Well, hmm missy, let me see...It depends, I think. Whether the roof is waterproof or not.
old lady: When it rains hard, I have to put a bucket, right over there!
Ron: over here?
old lady: yes..

(after a careful examination)

Ron: Now that's a complete different story... that means the ridge of your roof is not what it's supposed to be... We will have to take the whole thing of!
old lady: WHAT?
Ron: Unless...