Harbat - the inventor's workshop

AUTHOR: nicolas

Rupert, the inventor is either a madman or a genius. People haven't decided yet.

He is a retired old codger that spends his time muttering and inventing gadgets. He works at his desk (in an antechamber of the jig), which is littered with plans, books, notes and quick drawings of strange contraptions.

His smaller widgets he sells in his (to his account: moronic) son's store. In the back, where no one is allowed, he's working on much larger projects. Constant sounds of hammering and thumping can be heard coming from the room. To which his son Angles usually rolls his eyes and sighs.

Items for sale:

  • a metal box with a button.If you press the button, a flame suddenly sprouts from the box. If you release the button, the flame dies down.
  • two parallel sticks with two spherical lenzes attached to them. They can be fastened to the metal box. If the button is pressed, the flame turns into a shaft of light that sprouts out in a straight line for about 20 meters.
  • a wooden and metal box that grinds black beans, boils water and mixes them together into a black bitter-tasting paste-like concoction with chunks in it. Rupert insists it is quite tasty, once you get used to the specific taste.