Harbat - the inquisitor

One day the inquisitor arrived. His acolytes burned the ship in which they had come as a symbol of their conviction. This was now their new home. When night fell that day, the screams of burning witches and heretics echoed throughout the city. TRUTH and ORDER had come to Harbat.

The inquisitor has a deadly temper that differs radically from day to day. At times tears spring to his eyes as he regards the hapless sinners, for they do not know, and in forgiveness he craddles their heads as they kneel before him. At other times, his eyes BURN dangerously and he becomes as vicious as a demon, inflicting cruel and harsh punishments upon his victims, walking around town knocking on doors and proclaiming blasphemy at the slighest hint of annoyance.

When he holds court, the inquisitor interrogates entire districts in the city. Sentences cannot be appealed.