Harbat - the grey

A lot of people in Harbat suffer SYNDROPATHIC PSYCHOSE (aka S.A.P). Common folk in Harbat say that the grey has gotten hold of a person, that he/she floats between this world and the afterlife. It's an illnes that infiltrates the body and the brain. The grey manifests itself in different stages of resignation. At the beginning the patient stops caring about the things that happen around him. Cynisism and fatalism are typical syndroms of a developing the grey... All emotions start to crumble. At the end of the process they become a complete vegetable. Just sitting in a chair waiting for death's final visit.

Some of these hapless cases end up in the mausoleum before actually being dying - you can't always tell the difference.

But also in the mild phases the grey can be a burden. It's very hard to have a conversation with such persons because they don't understand the emotional luggage of the words you say. They can be very robotlike (and this is why some patients suffering from the grey are considered some of the finest of Mecca's citizens).

Some speak of doctors and scientists that have discoverd an artificial form of the grey, wich can be injected directly through the vains. Both the doctor and the quack are likely to conduct such experiments.