Harbat - the granary

This huge oblong building is situated near the wharves, right next to a loading dock. Ships dock and workers unload the sacks by crane and human labour. The grain is taken into the granary and neatly stacked into uniform racks. They are orderly numbered and indexed in a log.

Wide corridors run in between the racks to minimise the risk of fire and in order to let carts pass unhindered. These carts load up the grain and transport it to clients in the city, such as the bakery and the convent.

Since food is often scarce in the city, this place is potentially attractive to a lot of people, and therefore well-guarded with a trained private militia. For this same reason, working orders are strict, as are schedules. If the grain is moved quickly and never too far, the risk of "losing" a bag, is reduced greatly.

The granary is a property of the billery.