Harbat - the gamel

The notary, a small man with a cane and glasses, handles all matters of law in Harbat (during daylight): weddings, burials, purchases, contracts and the like. This makes him an extremely powerful man.

In the cellars of his office in the upper town, he also runs an underground gambling circuit. Though he calls himself a mere organizer of events. He organises games that seek the boundaries of fortune and courage. Wealth, glory and fame for the victor; pain, death and agony for the loser.

The stakes?

  • Money, a lot of money
  • ships, weapons, rare things
  • eye-balls, fingers, a human life,...everything that is disposable

The Participants

  • Those who seek adventure
  • Gambling addicts
  • Those who desparetly need money
  • Those who want to escape the banality of life
  • Wealthy people who want to fight boredom
  • Swindlers en cheaters