Harbat - the gallows

The gallows, or better Gallows Clough, are located on a grim hill outside the town. It is not really a classic gallow, but instead a very old, crooked tree. On it's branches some corpses still dangle in the breeze. Not many dare to venture out on the gallows. Not even in daylight..let alone at night.

Even in the daylight folk gave the spot a wide berth, and at night when the winds moaned down the gullies from the hills, and swayed the dead men to and fro, and caused the chains to clank and rattle, then, indeed, the traveller kept as far off as his route would permit, and hurried past with beating heart, and face blanched with fear.

Witches were said to infest the place at certain seasons, and in the darkness to hold converse with the ghosts of the malefactors, from whom they learned how to transact deeds of darkness successfully. Men forced to pass that way at these seasons had seen from a distance the crouching forms of the old hags..

The only 'living' creatures there are rats and crows. Big ones too, because they get 'fed' on a regular basis.

Here reared the gallows, whereon the criminal was first "hanged by the neck until he was dead," and from which his body was afterwards suspended in chains, until the weather and the birds between them had picked the flesh away, and nothing remained but a few bones - a grim reminder of the power of the law, and the folly and risk of departing from the paths of virtue.

Now except from being a very scary place, there is stuff to find up there. The shopkeeker from the curiosity shop gives good money for a certain root which grows there. It is said to have 'powers'. You can easily recognise it. It has the shape of a little man.