Harbat - the fire department

This is about the only official office that actually works. Counting about twenty men, the fire department does not use conventional methods to be done with fires. When a fire breaks out in the market, the boys have to run all the way from the upper town to get there, so the required amount of water becomes very difficult to transport.

So when a part of the city catches on fire, these men rush in and start hacking away at the supporting pillars and girders until the buildings in question crack and collapse under their own weight. The surrounding buildings are cut down as well, to prevent the fire from spreading. This way some of the material can be even salvaged afterwards. If this tactic fails because the fire is advancing to rapidly, they take their refuse to explosives and start blowing up entire streets.

The fire department, as its name implies, is often contracted by others (Oliver Mason, Butch) to actually start fires so that wood can be salvaged, space created, people removed. In Harbat, There are too many humans and too few materials.

The fire department is in a constant struggle with the fire brigade.