Harbat - the drunken seagull

The Drunken Seagull is situated in a dark alley in the brigands' hive. To the outside, one might not notice this were a tavern. Just a reinforced door in a backalley and a lot of noise behind it. To enter, one has to knock, after which a peephole opens and a password is expected.

The inkeeper is a grumpy one-eyed harlot, and the customers are rough sailermen and all kinds of thugs. Sane people avoid this place, and the guards of the mayor don't dare patrol the alley. The notary, however, is a regular customer in the tavern (to arrange slaves for his underground games). So is the crimp.

There is a drink served here called the "Seagull" which is known for its vigourous potency. Few have had the courage to drink it. Those who have tried, have often regretted it. Some are said to have died, others have lost their sight or have become deaf or lost their minds. The drink is usually drunk on a bet. Saying "I'll bet you over a Seagull" shuts everyone up in the tavern. It is custom to break the mug while setting it back down on the table. If you manage to drink the concoction and break the mug in one go, you will have deserved the respect of every customer in the place.

A trapdoor somewhere in the tavern leads down to the rogue guildhouse. The trapdoor is usually covered by some goon sitting on a stool on top of it.