Harbat - the doll house

This shop is filled with dolls, all silk and porcelain, hundreds of them, watching, waiting... Some of the dolls have little wheels inside them that make their eyes go left-right-left-right-left-right. Little girls with rich daddies love this place. The woman that runs the shop, Agatha, is a nervous old skinny that dresses expensively. She constantly fondles her necklace. She could sell a doll to a barbarian if she liked. All visitors buy a doll. The dolls liked the shop better.

Agatha's husband accidently got put into the asylum long ago because of a bureaucratic mix up. Once the mistake had been corrected, many years had already passed and when he was finally set free, he had sustained a lot of mental damage. He sits in his chair, behind a curtain in the back of the store all day, muttering quietly to himself. His stare is blank, but sometimes it flares up. When that happens, he starts shouting "get yer filthy paws off of me, you ugly mut!" He then starts pummeling the air vehemently, as if warding off something unpleasant. That goes on for about five minutes, after which everything returns to normal.

Agatha's husband mutters something inaudible, if only you could understand what, you might learn something worth the while.

Sometimes the undertaker stand in front of the window, giggling away at the beautiful puppets inside.