Harbat - the doctor's practice

The doctor's practice is near the asylum. The doctor himself is long and skinny, with a bushel of white hair, glasses, and dressed in a long black coat that has pockets everywhere to stuff away his tools. Underneath he wears a stiff coat with a high collar and an elegant black scarf.

The doctor is a respected person, with a lot of work. He is a kind and deeply religious man that believes in good virtue. He is one the church's most generous benefactors. He lives only for the sake of others, often applying his lore free of charge on ill small children or poor elderly. Instead of gold he asks only for these poor people in need to sign a document, a whimsical bureacratic procedure of no real importance. Bless him, the good doctor!

The doctor's practice has an audience room - a round room with a high balcony all around - where the doctor shares his knowledge with his apprentices and fellow men of science. His knowledge of the human body is phenomenal: frenology, bloodletting and leeching, prefrontal lobotomy, the bodily essences, abortion, the undead; to name just a few of the doctor's proficiencies.

"Excretion of Bile by the Gall Bladder is an expression of the Liver's role in ensuring the smooth flow of Spleen."

The doctor is not only zealously religious, but superstitious as well. He fears everything that cannot be proved by pure reasoning and cold facts. At night he is often plagued by nightmares filled with howling patients and dead faces whispering secrets to him. The doctor knows his own shadow is haunting him, and would do practically anything to get rid of his schizophrenic guilty conscience that is slowly driving him mad.