Harbat - the corner

The Corner is an elongated room, with the bar up front and the sitting area near the back. It's located at the harbour.

This place is old and musty. It has a permanent odeur to it. Old men sit here and young rascals, and ill-tempered sailors and the like. The general level of intellect of far below average. A goldmine for the crimp. The old men sit alone, complaining to themselves about the other noisemakers.

The bartender is an old hag with a loud mouth who stands behind the counter, seemingly disinterested, but always secretly glaring at her customers. She doesn't say much, unless if one of her customers starts acting up. She'll then either pelt the person with vicious glares and poignant insults or either just pick him up by the scruff of the neck and throw him out.

It is impossible to sit in The Corner and not drink something. You won't make it passed the bar without ordering.