Harbat - the convent library

The library is located in the convent, with a separate entrance. It has access to the convent scribery as well. It is a small, but very ornate in decoration. The librarian sits at his desk, thumbing through some big book. Dust is everywhere, on the shelves, on the books, in the books, on the floor.

Although almost no one ever reads a book, the library stands in high regard amongst the people of Harbat.

Since the librarian has no system for lending out books and since his memory is as dusty as his habitat, only one book out of the whole library can be lent at a time. At the moment one book has already been lent out. A set of footsteps are imprinted in the dust on the floor. They lead up to a bookshelf on the left hand side of the library. Where the track stops, one book can be seen missing.