Harbat - the convent

The convent in Crickety is ran by Elisabeth, or the lady as some refer to her: a handsome, middle-aged, somewhat odd woman. It is a secluded haven in Harbat. Behind the locked doors, Elisabeth shelters those in need, and the sick and homeless, possibly offering them a far better treatment than the doctor and the quack. On thursdays, she visits the orphanage with a basket of tomatoes and entertains the orphans with a book of fairy-tales so real they unfurl before the toddlers' eyes.

The church has often accused the woman of devilry and heresy, and deem her fit for the gallows or the pillory, if they could concoct some proof.

Inside, the convent is a beautiful old building with a scribery and a library, comfortable chambers, a cellar with caskets of wine and bags of grain, an open-air collonade and an autumn garden with red and yellow trees and falling brown leaves. Here, the woman named Elisabeth usually sits, doing some knitting. It is a place where time seems to stand still... now who would ever consider leaving such a place?