Harbat - the cluster

This is an especially thick layered part of the market. Its pillory square is the most traffiqued crossroad in Harbat. The streets are very narrow and the stalls are stacked nearly on top of each other. Peddlers sell their goods with loud voices. Spices, wood shards, perfumes (water with a vague and often questionable scent), weapons (often dull), gold plates (fake, every last one), clothes from esteemed brands (not geniune poor quality rip-offs), "art", animals (old and confused), tea (alas, the shop is closed now), pots (stacked up in miraculous piles), hats, "adventuring accessories"...

Cats bask in the afternoon sun. The prophet struts around, portending doom and woe.

Every stall has its own bright colored canvas roof, and laundry is hung up to dry from lines hung between the houses.

All in all it is a quite colorful place.