Harbat - the circus

This is where the local people seek entertainment and want to forget the day-to-day-worries. When they see some of the inhabitants or "actors" of the circus, they suddenly don't feel so bad anymore. "what a freak!" or a very disgusted "Yeeeewww". The freaks don't care, they make a living out of there disabilities and are careful not to leave the circus grounds. One glimpse of the two-headed man would be enough to set of a lynching mob to the circus, because the safety of Harbat is at stake. The only trouble with the circus is that you never can tell what is real and what is an act. Most people find this very confusing and only come when there is a show. The circus is a closed community filled with people of unusual stature (and mental condition as well I'm afraid), and unusual abilities.

Beware of the Puck, Peaseblossom used to say about him: "I'm that merry wanderer of the night"? I'm that giggling- dangerous-totally-bloody-psychotic-menace -to-life-and-limb, more like it. But you'd have to find out for yourselve, those two have never been on the best of terms.

The dwarves who travel with the circus are a weird bunch. They are extremely macho, and love to show of their jugling tricks on every occasion. Mostly some form of imagined insult (usualy a snort, or a sneeze or something) is enough to set them of. Stools and glasses fly around the establishment, people get pushed and are alarmed by the general mayhem. On the other hand people never have wounds after the fights. To a trained observer the jugling act just goes on and the dwarves take off in the confusion.

"Attack! We're under attack!" It echoed all through the streets of Harbat after the dwarf was shot out of the cannon with a big BOOM.