Harbat - the church

The church on the town square is a foreboding stone building with heavy buttresses, gargoyles, and a bell-tower that could tip over at any minute. Thrice daily the bell chimes, and a crackled voice brays from a copper horn, audible throughout the city - chanting and droning rites. Inside is the Great Hall, white and undecorated. The Great Hall is holy ground, and can never be defiled by unbelievers. Anyone that doesn't attend the masses in the Great Hall, should be punished.

Here, a nameless god is revered: one that can never be seen; and its name can never be spoken. Its tenet is one of FEAR and ORDER, it thrives on angst, instilling fright of plagues and disasters (like parts of the land crumbling off and floating away on the wind). Only through the right rituals can these horrid events be averted.

The church acolytes dress in black robes and sleep in white cots that have no furniture. In the dark cellars, they have a small library with books full of archaic and arcane scripture, which only they can read. The same writing appears on the wailing wall in the church. Here, people come with their sorrows and their ill, and the acolytes inscribe the wall with hallow glyphs. Since no one knows what these mean, they could be inscribing "you will die tomorrow" for all that matters.