Harbat - the cart company

A company in the town centre owned by Butch the Biller, The Cart Company lends its services to whomever can afford it.

They have ordinary workmen's carts, used to haul freight, and they have more luxurious carriages for esteemed folk, such as the governor when he comes to the mainland.

Their services do not come cheap, but there is a bonus which is never stated in any of the contracts, but is nonetheless a well known fact. If you hire a cart here, you instantaniously aquire the protection of Butch the Biller as well. So if you want to ship valuable cargo, it might not be a bad idea to rent a cart here.

The Cart Company is run by Rudy. Rudy started out as a manure shoveller, but rose through the ranks quickly enough. He has earned his position and commands respect from his employees.

His only interest is profits. Last year he fired a coachman who had worked for the company for over 20 years because he had delivered a cargo an hour late. Such a thing is unheard of and could hurt the company's high profile. So, heads had to roll.