Harbat - the brewery

Not far from the harbour but just out of the busy city center is what many call The Stove. It is a distillery for brewing beer. They use grain that comes from outlying farmsteads, and apples to make stronger liqour.

It is remarkable that no one ever tries to rob the brewery, or to steal some crates. It could be that the brewery is owned by Butch, and thus under his protection, but that's no real guarantee. Maybe people are simply terrified that the brewery might close or go bankrupt - and this, many believe, is the real reason why no one harms the brewery. No beer, no pubs, no relief. For many people in Harbat, having a mug of ale after work is their only passtime. People also say that "You don't have to fill out a form to order some ale!!"

Let's hope it stays that way... The inquisitor for one doesn't like the sinful, merry inns. He finds it disgusting and lacking moral values and decency. He hasn't tried to forbid the selling of ale, but if he sees the right opportunity, his guard will close the shutters of every inn in Harbat and shepherd the people to places of serenity and devotion.