Harbat - the boutiques

The Boutiques is a bazaar in the market, another esteemed project of the urban planning department. It was erected in a jimmy for all the beautiful ladies in Harbat. The Boutiques is a haphazard collection of small and elegant shops, selling shoes, lace, fragrant scents, twinkling jewelry, Mike's Leather Boots, elegant dresses, pompous wedding gowns, tableware, small trinkets, handcraft coin pouches decorated with silk flowers, parchment cooking recipes, and much much more.

The Boutiques is always full of ladies, hundreds of them, milling around dressed in heavy burkas or enticing leatherware, embroidered gowns and umbrellas, colorful cloaks, heavy purses. The one sad thing about the Boutiques is that it was conceived by a madman: a buzz of signs and plaques point in all directions: "half-priced rosescent to yon left!", "visit Angelique's boutique now!", "go to yon right!", "go here!", "go there!", "go nowhere!". Shops are divided throughout the bazaar: the Gowns and Wedding Dresses sells knitted undies as well, but these are located in an entirely different department of the Gowns and Wedding Dresses at the other end of the Boutiques. Quite a few of the stores have no name at all, save for a cryptic: "The Shop That Madeleine Who Is The Daughter of Pierre The Barber Bought From Angelique Who Has A Boutique Near That Scary Statue Fellow".

All of this makes it especially hard for the ladies to do some decent shopping, because they constantly have to run around, thinking "ooh, I forgot to buy at the Lacery", or "how nice, a Lampshop, and... but what was I looking for again? Oh, no mind, dear we'll just enter... hey, how nice! the Silken Mermaid shop!", or "golly, I could use some fine slippers, but were was the shop again? Ah, over there! Or no wait, it was over there!"

So they run around like bees in a hive, headless, doing nothing. Some of them bring hapless husbands that shuffle behind them, their heads bent to ward of the madness around them. Some of those husbands have been known to end up in the asylum after a hearty day of shopping. No one regards the little girl fiddling here ragdoll.

There is a legend among the men of Harbat, that speaks of a man named Hives. Hives at one time is said to have entered the Boutiques district, in a quick search of a present for his lovely wife. Hives never came out. He is utterly lost in the Boutiques, and tries to make a living there as a one man band. Most men believe that the Boutiques is haunted, that the shops themselves move around, always popping up into sight of the ladies, who then will all go: "oooh, half-priced riding boots!".