Harbat - the blacksmith

The smithy lies at the edge of the town centre, near Crickety. Harold the blacksmith is a simple man, with simple values. He works hard and drinks even harder (at the stool inn). His son is his trusty apprentice, that will one day take up the honorable trade of blacksmithing. Unfortunately, the advocate recently visited their humble house, his enormous size completely filling the small kitchen, declaring that his son has an unknown benefactor and will from now on live in the upper town, receive a dottage of 200 gold each month until the age of 21, after which he will become the owner of a mansion and his secret benefactor will reveil his/herself, and generally be elevated to the status of a proper respectable young gentleman.

So now, Harold has not only lost his son (who is growing haughtier by the day), but his apprentice as well. Harold is stumped for ideas because he has not the hands to complete the prestigious iron gate of the convent himself. Why, the gate should be decorated with copper wrought flowers, and Harold doesn't even know what those are!