Harbat - the black bulk

The Black Bulk is a creature seen by few. Allegedly it hides deep within the waters of the sea and seldom surfaces. Some say it is over a 100 meters in length and that it can eat ships whole, other say it can spew flames and fly like the seagulls. Few live who claim to have seen it with their own eyes. One such man is Old Joe. A reward awaits the men who capture The Black Bulk (see the widow).

The Bulk, or Captain Sherby as others refer to him, is a mean, bad-tempered big fish. If you would for some reason have to chase it, it would drag you to the end of the world and all the way back, just because of its foul temper. There are a lot of tall tales about him, told in the wooden peg or the fisherman's guild.

The fishermen believe that Sherby is nothing more than an oversized fish, and that the widow Loretta has somewhat "embelished" her late husband's adventures. It is uncertain which tale is true, everyone is pretty vague, and no on has actually seen the Black Bulk except for an old drunk in the Wooden Peg. It could even be two entirely different myths that have gotten mixed up. Which would imply a small disaster for the one that goes angling for Sherby with a fishing rod.