Harbat - the billery

Butch the Biller is the "boss" of the Billery, a tidy house on the town square. He made up the name himself - since he's the boss, he can name it any damn way he pleases. He has a goonsquad at his disposal and he doesn't hesitate to use it. All of his boys call him "the Boss". Butch has a lot of money and he is very generous with it. His motto is: "A loan from Butch, is a loan from a friend!" Since most of the poor bastards who lend money from him don't even understand the concept of taxes, he has a fair deal of clients and profits. Of course he has to make sure no one takes his money and dies. So he has arrangements with the gamel, not to take on suicide gamblers.

"Damn, now I've gone and done it..!" Sweat pearled on his forehead and his stomach was a tight knot. His house, his money, the Loan... all of it gone! "If that last card hadn't been a spade... damnit!" No place to go to when the night falls... no home, and worst of all... face Butch. He looks at the grinning face of his now wealthy opponent. The humiliation... he can't stand it anymore. He draws his hidden dagger out of his boot, and just as he is about to thrust it into his own heart, a big hand takes his in an iron grip. "So Mister Jones!" Butch boomes, "I think we have a little misunderstanding. You are supposed to pay me back, not kill yourself! What about your wife and children? Shame on you Mister Jones!! You knew the price... you are mine now." and then in a whisper: "...and you don't die untill I tell you to!"

Butch already has quite a few people who owe him one way or another. And since he isn't stupid, he doesn't kill them when they can't pay him back. He keeps them in his pocket and uses them for the odd job here and there. He has a baker for bread, a smith for weapons and so on... even some men of the LAW and bigger fish from Uptown are said to be his. And still lots of people turn to Butch, with all sorts of questions. He has a reputation of being able to get his hands on everything... at the right price, interest or service.

Butch can even get certain documents to protect himself from taxes and so on. He seems to be able to evade "The Office" and authority.