Harbat - the bellfry

The bellfry stands on the town square, close to the town hall. It is a great stone tower with bells that notify the town burgers of various events: fire, sunrise, sunset, approaching enemies, approaching ships, the start of a working day, and other more intricate events. The greatest bell is named "Old Roland" (and it has never ever rung).

The system is quite complex, in fact, the upper floor of the bellfry is constantly littered with books and documents, the bellman cursing above them, trying to figure out what the bell chime should sound like. The burgers, on the other hand, have gotten used to the irritating ringing of bells, and don't really care.

The bellfry is almost as high as the church tower, and much more stable. From here, a vigil is put upon the city at all times: strange copper oculars and lenses looking out at the horizon and into the streets. An archive of events is kept in the cellars - it is accessible from the office.

A few years ago, a stranger carrying a fiddle and dressed in a peculiar attire appeared in Harbat just before noon time. Without pause, he walked up to the belfry, climbed the steps, hit the bellman on the head with the violin (who consequently lost consciousness for several minutes), rang the bells thirteen times, clambered down, went to the harbour and vanished into thin air. No one has seen him since. This weird figure is refered to as the devil in the belfry. Some fear he may return any day.

The bellman has grown to believe that there are in fact secret messages tucked away in the bell chimes - a theory he developed after being hit on the head by something he refers to as THE DEVIL... His mad frantic theories have gotten all mixed up with the original Bellchime Ledger, sometimes producing horribly distorted chimes. As ironic as it may seem, at some occasions it isn't even the bellman pulling the strings (or so he claims). Some say the tower is haunted.