Harbat - the asylum

The asylum in the town centre had walls as thick as a house. Inside, deep down, it seemed as if contrived by some vile mind: dark and dank rooms and abatoirs filled with nameless torture devices and vials of human intestines, and medical compedimendi. The asylum is in fact the playground of the doctor.

It is here he transfers some of the more excentric cases from the prison for intensive "research": projects such as "Doctor Ichabot's Research into the Central Lobe as basis for Eternal Youth" and "Doctor Ichabot's Compedimendum of Frenology" and "The Body of a Man and the Head of a Bird: a study by Doctor Ichabot".

There are 3 levels in the asylum:

Level 01: Open Ward
This consists out of a large hall where those who are considered not dangerous may wonder around freely: a man who keeps rolling up and down the floor, yelling "wheeee", Rupert - one of the most harmless characters in the asylum who tends to follow people around, saying "I'm Robert. My name is Robert. Did you know my name is Robert? Please to meet you, my name is Robert." - and someone who thinks his brain is spinning around in his head. Round round round. He usually sits there, swaying to and fro. Seeing him walk is quite funny. He seems drunk, stagering from left to right. Furthermore, we have Ron and Lester. These two are an inseperatable item. Ron sits in a wooden chair with big wheels on the side, so it can be pushed around. Ron's the quiet one, he just rocks back on forth in the chair. Lester is his buddy. He pushes the chair around. They go for long walks in the hallways. Lester knows that Ron's favorite place is the left wall in the back of the big hall. He often sits there, staring at the crack where the roach lives.

Level 02: Locked Ward
Here, those considered to be a physical threat spend their lives in a tiny cell, locked behind a massive wooden door with a peep hole and a little door through which their food is stuffed. They're let out of their cages once a day, for recreation, and are washed once a week, harshly. The deeper you go, the more ferocious the inhabitants get. The most dangerous and serious patients are locked deep within the rock, in a remote and distant hallway. We have: a woman who has no fixed boundaries between her thoughts and her actions. What she thinks, she does. Not a terrible thing as such, unless you impulsively start sticking knives into people's throats. Someone who keeps pounding his head into the wall, repetitively whilst screaming "Go away and leave me alone!". He sometimes stops and yells the same sentence through the window, at no one. A guy with scared eyes and a wild stare. He's convinced other people are whispering about the thoughts in his mind. A man who believes his arm is swelling. A man who thinks he's his mother craddling himself. He stands there, drapped in dark cloth, craddling a pillow.

NOTE: political "usurpers" are dumped in this area as well.

Level 03: The Vault
The most distant room is refered to as "The Vault" and is reserved for the most brutal madman of the time. The prisoner there is fed by means of a slot. No one dares enter. For the moment it is rumored to be occupied by "the surgeon", renowned for maticulous dissection of a score of victims. No one really knows for sure, because no one has gone very near the subject - just a pair of eyes, glinting in the darkness behind the slot. To some of the guards that feed him he whispers - but only to some - in an eloquent and foreign accent.

Then there are the offices:

Bureaucratic chambers and offices
Here are some dusty offices with a musky smell. The doctor keeps some of his paperwork here, and the asylum warden has a cabinet with a lot of keys. There are archives as well.