Harbat - the airship dock

The airship dock in the harbour is used for airships and is of a smaller size since airships are more expensive. This dock is situated straight above the pier (for sea ships), with balloons going up and down unloading cargo stacking up at the elevated platforms (see the central causeway and elevator).

The situation may have sounded logical in theory but has proven quite the blunder in practice. No one had stopped to think that ships unload goods and that sometimes some of those goods get dropped. If such an accident occurs in the airdock, the goods are instantly transformed into lethal weapons, falling straight down and annihilating anything underneath. A special toll has been installed to warn the people below of the danger. It can be heard throughout the city on a daily basis. But although many people have been killed and many ships have been destroyed this way, and although many people complain about the danger of it continually, no one has ever bothered to change the situation, for it would take too much resources and effort.