Harbat - siren's peak

Shielding Harbat from the open sea, a small island stands on the horizon: Siren's Peak, the fortress. It serves as a protection from the sea's waves and marauding warships, with a collection of heavy catapults, and some not-too-bright steam-powered weapons pointing in every possible direction, and a score of archers. The fortress walls are high and thick, hewn right out of the island and decorated with fantastic gargoyles. Its towers are even higher. Above the island they climb, connected with slender bridges, some with small stairs on the outside. The highest rooms are the governor's private rooms (just below an attic stuffed with scopes and lenses like the Harbat bellfry). The governor doesn't visit Harbat much - he has his burgmaster and tax collector taking care of business there.

Recently, higher authorities from far away have also installed a travelling judge in Harbat. The governor may not be the wisest of men, but he is keen enough to understand the judge means trouble...

Inside Siren's Peak, the courtyard is milling with knights and warriors training according to the old code. They are heavily armed and armoured. A wide stairway leads up to a great cathedral. Other (somewhat less impressive) buildings include the academy (with the famous swordmaster!), and the cellars, vast in size, the rooms nearest to the ground filled with crates of food and barrels of wine, those down below, who knows.

_The governor looked up as a horn sounded. She tucked her quill safely into its holder, put back her armchair and went over to the balcony from which the sea air poured into his chambers. In the distance, the magistrate's ship approached.*

Overhead, a great fleet of warships hovered in the air, almost ready to leave.