Harbat - pagans

Through time, many clans and communities (like the slaves and the herders) in Harbat developed their own customs, rules, laws and religion, next to what the church upholds. Which would be considered most blasphemous by the inquisitor.

These folk still strongly believe in their history and ancestry. They have their own tales and rituals full of ghosts and fairies, possessing the living and proclaiming their will, or luring people away to fairy dells. One could say they revere the land itself (which they take to be feminine).

With every generation, new ancestors and ghosts are integrated into the pagan belief, and it has grown over the years into a vast host of deities. There are several pagan beliefs, each influencing the other, and each of which has its own priorities and traditions - upholding distinct signs and patterns and clothing.

A curse, a geas, a blessing; all are binding here. If you place a bag of earth taken from a burial site on the doorstep of a person, this person will die.