Harbat - jackrabbit

Jackrabbit is a huge man dressed in a furry rabbit costume with big pointy ears. Jackrabbit has many of these costumes, during winter he puts on his warm Mad March Hare costume, in spring his Esterbunny guise. He goes from door to door, spreading jokes and peforming trickery (as Mad March Hare), or hiding away colorful eggs in the childrens' bedroom (as Esterbunny). The children love it when he comes round, the folktales of the Mad March Hare and Mister Esterbunny are still widely told (and still widely pagan!) in Harbat.

In reality Jackrabbit is a sly pickpocket, stuffing away anything he can grab once inside the poor family's houses. He makes no qualms as to what is payment for his services and what is not: coin purses are excellent, but child dolls are fine as well. He simply grabs anything he can lay his hands on - assessment of its value can follow later on.

To make matters worse, Jackrabbit IS really huge, and cruel: underneath that ridiculous costume strong muscles bulge and quick limbs fletch, anyone so stupid as to pursue the Jackrabbit is sure to have his teeth knocked out and both his legs bent the other way. If that doesn't do it he goes for hidden knives and punching gloves - giving your face a nice new smile or rearranging your nose a bit.

Knucklebones! The spoiled little boy had noticed him stuffing away the teddybear, and was on the verge of bursting out in a loud charade of tears and faces. Jackrabbit looked around quickly. The brat's parents were still downstairs. With a smug smile Jackrabbit slid his hand in a crude punching glove, and with all his force hit the child dead in the face. That should shut him up. Jackrabbit forced the window and made his escape over the rooftops.