Harbat - crickety

Almost near the edge of the town centre is Crickety, a rickety little collection of streets with lantern poles, cobblestones and creaking trees, a stone's throw away from the town commons and the quieter parts of the market, where one could find a lot of peculiar shops - but you would have to pass The Barrow's End... All around are other similar streets with trees, and cosy houses with shrubs, ivy and iron fences. It is one of the quietest parts of Harbat, so quiet one can hear all sorts of crickets at night. Tucked away at the end of a winding road is the orphanage.

The cute houses here are the oldest in town, and some have a small garden, like the one of grandmother or the seamstress. Around the corner is the convent with the convent library next to it; and when you go there you pass a small bakery, filled with the warm scent of bread and pasty. People are queueing up in front of it, all of them smiling lazily. At the other side of the street - watch out, here's a carriage! - is a small shop, with a sign that reads: clockmaker.

The Crickety ends here, but the road goes on...