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Case Notes of Elsa Clarkson

Name, Clarkson Elsa
Occupation, Seemstress
Chargeable to Harbat Asylum
Admitted on the 14th day
Facts observed by Doctor Ichabot
Her violent language and acts. Her tearing of clothes and biting herself. Her immoderate laughing without apparant cause. Her chattering to imaginary people and things.
Other Facts Communicated Rambling from home, threatening her parents. Sleeplessness and unmanagable conduct.
Age 16
Religious Persuasion Archimbald Rutherford
Previous Place of Abode The Upper Town
Bodily disease none
Statement sent to Commissioners in Lunacy. Dementia Weak anaemic and reduced.

Week One
Is believed to have been influenced by the nearness of the asylum. Living so close to it may have infected her young and tender soul.
Week five
Has a dull aspect and sulky manner, is mischievous, and does not pay much attention to said to her, answers questions pretty correctly but in an abhorrent ill tempered tone. Care not mad, takes her food and sleeps well, is pallid but in pretty good health.
Week twenty-two
Patient has been forgotten and neglected the last few weeks. Only rediscovered after parents inquired about health of child. Will need extra attention and adapted diet.
Week twenty-eight
She is not much improved being very troublesome teasing and fighting the other feeble patients.
Week thirty
Has been behaving rather better lately.
Week thirty-four
Continues to improve somewhat.
Week fourty-seven
Has worked industriously in the wards, passages etc.
Turning in last year.
Was discharged today.