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Extract from Medical Case Book

Case Notes of Cindy Rudderforth

Name, Rudderforth Cindy
Occupation, none
Chargeable to Harbat Asylum
Admitted on the 1st day
Other Facts Communicated
Age 5
Religious Persuasion none
Previous Place of Abode Unknown
Bodily disease none
Statement sent to Commissioners in Lunacy.

Week two
Patient has been dejected and very restless much of the time since admission. In an hour or more after being put to bed the first night she stayed, danced about, struggled, and would not be appeased...

Week eight
The only words she had uttered intelligibly, are "mama", "bit of cake".

Week ten
She has been restless all the time when awake, several times has climbed on to chairs and tables. Has fed herself, but very hastily. Has thrown herself on the floor in a passion when displeased.