Gomengelagu - to do


When Elf awoke, there was no sign of Tree (or any of his other companions), and what was more, the forest had changed. Daylight poured into it happily, flowers stood everywhere in Grimholt Forest. He was not alone. Looking back at him, was himself, carrying a broken cuckoo-clock. And himself, his hood drawn around his head, a bow slung on his back. "Cosy is it not," said Elf haughtily, "all of us nicely bound inside the same body? Very unwise of us, this tattoo-thing." He sniffed the air, and seemed to reach some sort of conclusion. "I propose a meeting. A bit of practical affairs - we need a leader, some organisation! Since it has been me all along making all of the decision, I think the outcome of this meeting is... quite... clear."

Elf drew back his hood, silently regarding the forest around him. "I do not like this, something is amiss..."

"Rubbish!" said Elf, sneering. "Must we tolerate this incessant badgering? I declare the meeting opened!"

When Elf awoke from the dream later on, he felt different, as if some inner resolution had been made.