Gomengelagu - storm at sea

Dark waves leapt up out of the sea, as if groping in anger for the small airship clashing through the thunderstorm. Brooding clouds lurked overhead, pouring down mad rain. Everyone in the boat was at the pumps, hoisting water over the side. The ship was now dangerously near of capsizing, drawn down to the wild inferno of water below.

"Faster you fools, or the sea will have us!" Dragon screamed throughout the thunder and clash of rainfall. With a heavy wrench, he was working like mad on the ship's engine. Suddenly, a blinding pain stabbed him in the leg... a wicked arrow protruded from it, blood instantly trickling from the wound. Dragon dropped his wrench, and clutched his leg, his face contorted in a mask of pain, looking up at the dark skies above. A black airship was boring down on them from above, crushing their balloons. BANG! The ship's engine exploded, hurtling Dragon through the air, smashing him into the ship's rear.

Above, the enemy vessel's crew was raining arrows on them. When lightning flashed, Dragon could see them, ghastly creatures dressed in rags, their nails clawing away at their bows with inhuman speed.

Now grappling hooks were thrown down from the ghost ship, one of them hitting Ox in the face so hard he could hear his teeth crunch. The creatures clambered down in their boat.

For an instant, time came to a halt. Elf looked around in astonishment. Raindrop hung suspended in stasis, everyone else was frozen in time. But he could move. When he lurched up, seizing the moment, he could feel time slowly advancing once again.

In a searing fireball their ship collided with the angry waves, crushing it to wreckage. Dragon, now heavily wounded, clutched the nearest wreckage, slippery, now and then losing his grip and taking gulps of the black salty water. The heavy contraption he was clutching was dragging him down into the sea. Maps and charts were all around him in the water, sinking slowly. A body belonging to one of his companions was in the water nearby, unconscious or dead.

Years later it seemed, a fisherman picked them out of the water.