Blasted Rock - unsafe cage of rusted steel

The tram was built long ago out of a mass twisted and grarled steel that was rumored to have come from a massive war, from an unknown time. The metal creaks and groans as it moves on huge chains and pulleys to the island. Some of the population of the island believe the metal is haunted by the spirits who died in and around the machines from the great war. The occassional sound of moans can be heard on the wind while the tram moves, and people feel like they've been touched by cold fingers and have seen blood dripping from an unknown source in the cage... The engineer who created this monstrous device is rumored to be the same engineer who stalks Harbat, scrounging for parts.

1."A terrifying thought crossed the boy's mind as the tram slowly creaked toward his new destination.. He looked out between the bars of the cage and saw the Iron Hellion who had captured him guarding the cage, floating along next to him 'Im never going to get out of here....' One of the drones looked over at him with a steel visor inbedded into his face where his eyes should have been. It smiled a evil grimace full of broken teeth and blood. Then, he felt a warm kiss from phantasmal lips touch his, and was filled with peace and a knowledge that he would never escape, but he would rule..."

Blasted Rock

Blasted Rock - first explorers